Trader Cycle 2022-Clash of Clans Ninja

The Trader is a non-combatant who sells Magic Items for Gems and Raid Medals. He starts appearing in the Home Village once the player has upgraded their Town Hall to level 6. He sets up shop to the left of the Clan Path (from the player’s view). When the Trader is present, he stands outside of his shop, and shows the player the Magic Item he has by getting it out of his pocket.

List of Offers

New offers are available every week. The offers may cost varying amounts of Gems/Raid Medals, even amongst Magic Items of the same type. At the top of the Trader window, there is a timer showing how much time is left before new offers appear.

If the player has not enough room for the Magic Items that the Trader has on offer, these offers cannot be bought, citing “Storage Full” as a reason. The player must free up space if they want to buy these offers, either by selling or using the excess Magic Items.

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He does not sell any variants of Hammers.

Below is a list of offers currently available from the Trader. Note that offers of Magic Items can only be bought a certain number of times each week; the “Quantity” statistic below show how many can be purchased with a single resource type. If a Magic Item is available for both Gems and Raid Medals for the week, it can be purchased that number of times with each resource, for a total of twice the listed quantity available. Any free offers can only be claimed once per week.


If the player is below Town Hall 6, a sign with a rolled up rug is left in his place.

The Trader also appears in Clash Royale, where he exchanges cards with the player.

The Trader during the Holiday Special

On special occasions, the Trader may make special offers available over a period of several days, which may constitute free Magic Items and/or selling his Magic Items at reduced prices. This has happened 4 times thus far: the first time was around the Christmas 2019 period, the second time was during Supercell’s 10th anniversary celebrations in May 2020, the third time was during Clash of Clans 8th anniversary at the start of August 2020, and the fourth time was during Clash of Clans 9th anniversary at the start and the end of August 2021.

The Trader has a golden tooth, just like the Builder, as seen in this picture here.

The Trader appears in the shop from Clash Quest, where he is seen holding a Rage Spell.

Buying Magic Items is more gem-efficient than directly spending gems in these circumstances:

The Training Potion is gem-efficient as long as a one-gem army boost event is not active, since boosting troop training on its own costs 30 gems (plus the cost of boosting Spells, Siege Machines, and Heroes);

The Clock Tower Potion is always gem-efficient, since instantly boosting with 22 hours left costs 167 gems;

The Resource Potion is gem-efficient provided collectors are sufficiently upgraded and that a one-gem resource boost event is not active; a fully upgraded set of collectors at Town Hall 7 costs 135 gems if boosted individually, while the Trader unlocks at Town Hall 6.

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The Builder Potion is more favorable on buildings that take shorter to upgrade: with 5 builders, the Builder Potion normally cuts 45 hours for 285 gems, which is roughly equal to the rate to instantly finish 4d 18h 25m 7s of Builder Time. However, with 6 builders (which usually saves 54 hours for 285 gems, or a cost of 126.7 gems per day), it is always gem-efficient (in terms of time saved per gem) to use the potion rather than to instantly finish even a 20-day upgrade (which costs 2603 gems for an average of 130.15 gems per day).

Likewise, the Research Potion is always gem-efficient; as it saves 23 hours for 120 gems (for an average of 125.2 gems per day), the cost per time saved is lower than that to skip the longest upgrades in the Laboratory (which costs an average of 131.1 gems per day for a 17d 12h upgrade).

The Super Potion is always gem-efficient, since buying 25,000 Dark Elixir for a boost costs 1,000 gems. However, it is more expensive than a rune at Town Hall 13 and 14 where a rune of Dark Elixir can fund 12 or 14 such boosts for 10 times the cost.

Buying Wall Rings is always cheaper than buying Resources from the Shop unless you use them on low-level Walls.

The Book of Heroes is cheaper than using gems to finish if the remaining time is at least 2d 22h 53m 50s (Home Village) or 1d 5m 45s (Builder Base);

The Book of Fighting/Spells/Building is cheaper than using gems to finish if the remaining time is at least 6d 9h 35m 59s (Home Village) or 2d 16h 53m 45s (Builder Base).

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Assuming you always use Runes when the corresponding Storages are empty, the Rune of Gold/Elixir is cheaper than buying Resources from the Shop if the Storage capacity is higher than 4,375,000 (at Town Hall 8), the Rune of Dark Elixir is cheaper than buying Resources from the Shop if the Storage capacity is higher than 100,000 (at Town Hall 9), and the Rune of Builder Gold/Elixir is cheaper than buying Resources from the Shop if the Storage capacity is higher than 1,562,500 (at Builder Hall 6).

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